Spread your wings!


Inner Wings Therapies with Paula


I practice holistic therapies to treat the mind and body using talking, psychosensory therapies along with reflexology and some massages, with the option of combining Reiki with some of these.  I am a licensed NLP Master Practitioner and also a Reiki Master. 

My passion is to make a difference to people's lives.  I have had some great results using these therapies with issues such as stress, anxiety, fear, phobias, trauma and bereavement, also including life coaching using NLP.  If you're stuck and not sure where you'd like to be, we can work together to move you to a more fulfilling life.

I can also show you techniques that you can do yourself, so that you will always have some tools of your own to use when needed.  I am also qualified in a revolutionary psychosensory technique, the Havening Techniques ®, which treats trauma.

Through our own unique life journey, we can build strength & resilience from our experiences, which can help us along our journey.  However, sometimes we can get stuck.  Some of these therapies will help release blockages and help us move on.  When new challenges are met, the new skills you learn will help make you stronger and more resilient.  From having had some of the therapies I practice myself when I needed a change, I know first hand how powerful they can be, and through them have become stronger and more resilient to achieve my own life goals.

What have I got to offer?  I have empathy, compassion and a desire to make a difference.  There are always choices, it's up to you to choose to make changes and move forward to somewhere you would like to be.

"Inner Wings", to me, represents moving forward and letting go.  We all have the magic inside of us to make this happen.  The therapies I offer will enhance your well-being.

"Spread your wings, let the winds of change carry you to where you would like to be!"

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