What signs of anxiety are there?

  • worrying about things that have happened or perhaps haven't even happened yet

  • being mentally exhausted

  • feeling nervous about things

  • fearing the worse could happen

Constantly having these feelings can be draining and mentally exhausting and have a profound effect on your health.

Can you imagine life without this going on in your head? The Havening Techniques ® can help you achieve this.

The great thing about Havening Techniques ® is that you can work on these techniques yourself, which will not only help with anxiety and the accompanying stress caused by it but will help with changing your mindset so that you can have a more fulfilling life as you build up resilience that will help you deal with life's challenges.

Being free from anxiety will help you start to focus on what is important to you in your life, perhaps focus on something you may have not done for a while.

Being free from anxiety can help you concentrate on your family, your goals, your relationships and even your career which may have also suffered because of the way you were feeling.

How can Havening Techniques ® help you?

I will use a combination of the Havening Techniques ® along with other complimentary therapies EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) to change behavioural patterns.  We will target the changes that are needed and change your chemical state thus allowing more good hormones to be released and giving you that "feel good" factor.

How does it work?

The process works by boosting levels of the mood-stabilising brain chemical "serotonin".  This causes distribution links between the memory of an event and the distress that the memory has caused.

A memory is made up of many different sensory and cognitive information which we have stored in the brain.  When this memory is recalled, there are certain receptors where the memory is stored which become activated and causes an emotional response.  When these two become activated, they are the vital link between the emotional response and the stimulus of the traumatic memory.

The idea of the Havening Techniques ® is that through the touch of Havening (to the face, shoulders, arms and palms of the hands), along with other techniques lead to permanent disconnection of the emotional content (which has been causing you stress and anxiety), therefore allowing the recalled memory from then on to have a different effect as a "non-traumatic memory".

Imagine a life with the anxiety and stress you have been having being permanently removed - the Havening Techniques ® can help you achieve this.

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