Havening Techniques ® for Fears and Phobias

A powerful and effective way to overcome your fears and phobias

For treatment of fears and phobias, I would normally use a combination of Havening Techniques ®, NLP and EFT.  We are born with 2 fears - the fear of falling and the fear of loud noise.  Everything else is wither learnt or self taught.

What is a phobia?

People who have a phobia will go to considerable lengths to avoid being in a situation or place where they may face their phobia.  Someone who has a fear of flying will would avoid airports.  Sometimes, even watching TV with something on related to flying on it would reignite that feeling of the fear.  Something as small as a photo of an aeroplane can bring up the emotion of fear in someone.

A phobia is an irrational fear of a particular stimulus.  It can cause anxiety and also panic attacks.  For some individuals, it can be mildly distressing but manageable.  In some cases where the phobia is very severe, it can take over the person's life.

How can Havening Techniques ® work?

I would use a combination of Havening Techniques ® with NLP.  It would work by removing the emotion and fear associated to the recalled memory.  It would increase the levels of serotonin which can disrupt the re-consolidation of the link between the traumatic memory of the event and the distresses it causes.

After the session(s), there will no longer be the fear.  The memory or thought of the fear can be brought up with no emotion attached.

Some examples of fears include:

  • flying

  • heights

  • spiders

  • snakes

  • needles

  • darkness

  • dentist

  • dying

  • crowded places

  • lifts

  • driving

  • swimming

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