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Face Yoga

I am a qualified teacher of the Danielle Collins Face Yoga Method, who has been using her scientifically proven techniques for over 17 years!


This method is a combination of traditional and modern techniques.  It is based on modern research and techniques that look at science, how it composed and how it is treated.Just as the body needs regular excercise for it to stay toned and firm muscles in the face and neck, all 57 of them need to be exercised too.


This method reduces lines and wrinkles due to the muscles being lifted and firmed.  The muscles in the face are a lot less firmer than the body and therefore they take less time to increase and get toned up.Included in the face workout (along with face yoga) is accupressure, facelift massage, neck, back & shoulder exercises and energy work.

1-1 Online Face Yoga


45 Minutes

Group Online Face Yoga



45 Minutes

1-1 In Person Face Yoga


60 Minutes


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