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Havening Techniques ®

The Havening Techniques ® is science based and is designed to aim to treat depression & anxiety symptoms that are a consequence due to a traumatic encoding of negative events, which have been encoded into the brain.​
The client can also use the technique of "Self Havening" which they can apply on themselves, this is useful to use daily to enhance your state of being.  It involves applying the Havening touch to yourself, whilst saying affirmations (things you are thankful for in your life, grateful for). It is also good for resilience building.

Issues that the Havening Techniques can be worked on are trauma related including, depression, stress, anxiety, bereavement, fears, phobias, PTSD and abuse.
I can also use a combination of The Havening Techniques, NLP  ( Neuro Linguisic  Programming ) and EFT ( Emotional Freedom Techniques).

1-1 In Person Havening


60 Minutes

1-1 In Person Havening


90 Minutes

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