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Reiki/Crystal Healing

Reiki is a holistic therapy helping the progression of physical, spiritual and mental well-being.  It is a healing therapy and is carried out by the placing of hands over the body using energy.  This energy is then directed to any area of the body that welcomes its support for natural capacity of self healing and balance. The "Life Force Energy" will flow towards the most needed areas.

Reiki treatment can be used to remedy common issues such as relaxation, depression, anxiety, stress, digestive disorders, pain, insomnia and migraines.

I can also combine crystal healing with a reiki treatment to give a stronger healing energy.

The use of crystals for healing re-emerged about 40 years ago.  It is known as an energetic healing modality.  This comes from vibrational energies found within the crystals and the way they effect the human energy field and energy fields around them.

Crystals come in many colours which can attach it to you.  The colour also plays a part in the energetic and healing impact of the crystal.  I use crystal healing along with reiki which I feel gives a stronger healing energy.

1-1 In Person Reiki


45 Minutes

1-1 In Person Reiki With Crystal Healing



60 Minutes

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